Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case

 Join thousands of busy individuals who are enjoying organized bags and spaces! 

Introducing the Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Case, the premium clear organizer for sophisticated individuals.

 Save valuable time with the practical functionality of transparent vinyl for enhanced organization and convenience when storing and accessing your essentials

Generous storage capacity TSA bag | Onyx + Diamond Jetsetter Pouch | LELUXACE.com Maximize the space on a counter or desk by consolidating a sizeable amount of necessities within the generously spacious cube design -- 8.5" length, 7" height, 4" width

 Secure tech accessories and other must-haves within your every-day bag or wheeled briefcase with the sturdy two-way silver metal zip closure designed to withstand maximum storage capacity

 Organize with the increased stability of the ergonomic 4" wide self-standing base for a decreased risk of tipping over and spilling your stowed belongings

  Discover unparalleled versatility as an elegant cosmetic bag, sophisticated grooming bag, chic packing cube within your luggage or stylish organizer in your everyday tote or gym duffle bag 

 Treat yourself to the luxurious combination of rich jet-black Saffiano-patterned faux leather and clear, phthalate-free vinyl for a refined minimalist design in a classic neutral tone with unisex appeal

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