Our goal is to provide premium products that will be able to withstand the rigors life's adventures.

However, if the quality of your specific LE LÜXACE product does not meet this standard, we want to make it right!


Your LE LÜXACE bag is covered for a period of one year from the original purchase date. This warranty covers manufacturing defects. 

The warranty against defects does not cover the following:

  • Loss
  • Damage
  • Changes in appearance
  • The gradual degradation of any part of the bag due to normal wear and tear or improper usage/handling
  • Usage outside of our product care guide


Submit your warranty claim at Warranty@LeLuxace.com

Within your warranty email, please send us the following information:

  • Specify defect(s)
  • Include pictures of the defect(s)
  • Proof of purchase (order number or email address that you used when you ordered)


If we currently sell the exact product as the one in the warranty claim, we will issue you a replacement product, free of charge.

Please note, if we sell the product, in the exact size and color as the product in your warranty claim, the replacement product will be the same as the product you originally ordered.

If the product has been discontinued, we will offer you the option to pick a product in the same style with a different color option as the damaged product you originally purchased.

If there are no acceptable colors in the same product style, then we can issue you store credit or a gift card in the amount that you paid for the item at the time of the original purchase (minus sales tax and upgraded shipping charges).


As the warranty order is a replacement of your damaged product, the 60-day hassle-free Returns Policy does not apply to your replacement product.

With that being said, we will honor replacement orders, if the conditions stated in the Incorrect or Defective Product section of our Returns Policy are met. 

Excessive wear and tear, alterations, misuse or neglect of our products will void this warranty. Please refer to our Product Care Guide for further details.

This limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty only covers products purchased on LeLuxace.com. Products purchased from a third party site (such as Amazon.com) are not eligible to take advantage of this warranty offer. No other warranties made outside of this manufacturer’s warranty are valid on LE LÜXACE products.


If you have any other general warranty questions, please contact us at Warranty@LeLuxace.com with your concerns.