At LE LÜXACE, we believe more time should be spent pursuing life's adventures and indulging in little luxuries. Our goal is to help you minimize trivial and mundane inconveniences, so you can maximize your time savoring life's memorable moments. 

This philosophy even extends to our name. LE LÜXACE (pronounced lei luxe-ace) means "The One who Excels at Luxury".

We believe in spreading inspiration and sharing tips to encourage you to enjoy life via your definition of luxury, whether traveling the world or treating yourself to premium products. 

The Beginning

In 2008, Niki, our founder, boarded her first cruise.

It was her first time leaving the US. As she immersed herself in the culture and customs of other countries, her love for travel (and cruising) grew. 

The Inspiration

More adventures via planes and cruise ships over the next several years were accompanied by cheap, plastic quart-size bags, better known for holding sandwiches than toiletries.

So, Niki transitioned to using more durable, reusable toiletry bags. But, at the time, the toiletry bag options that she found were awkwardly shaped and didn't hold a reasonable amount of toiletries. These bags ended up being no better than the plastic sandwich bag for her travel needs. 

While on a cruise in April 2015, Niki was once again faced with keeping her toiletries and personal belongings organized in the tight living quarters that are standard in cruise cabins. She wanted to be organized without much effort. (Honestly, who wants to spend time doing anything besides relaxing on a cruise?) After visiting the ship's gift shop to check out their toiletry bag options, she had an idea to create her own. So, she drew a few sketches to research the idea when she returned home.

The Creation

Upon returning home, Niki wrote out a list of requirements that this custom toiletry bag needed to meet.

1. It should be large enough to hold longer items, like a toothbrush (without hanging out of the bag) and a reasonable amount of toiletries, while still being acceptable to TSA standards. 

2. It should be able to stand up by itself. 

3. While functionality is a priority, a bag with a sophisticated design is also important. 

Niki spent several months consulting with manufacturers to create a toiletry bag that combined practical functionality and refined style to meet her standards. 

Once a few toiletry bag samples were created, Niki, along with a handful of other people, tested the toiletry bag samples during numerous trips through various airports. All of the toiletry bags successfully passed through TSA's security checkpoints. 

The Black Jetsetter Pouch was ready for its official debut!

The Debut

LE LÜXACE's first toiletry bag was launched in Fall 2015 to rave reviews. 

The original Jetsetter Pouch was a clear vinyl and faux leather toiletry bag with a nylon zipper that was designed to stand when not in use. Plus, it could hold larger items, such as a toothbrush, and a trip's worth of toiletries. 

The Evolution

Based on further usage and feedback of our original Jetsetter Pouch on numerous trips, we decided to make modifications to enhance it. The Black Jetsetter Pouch was redesigned to upgrade the quality of the materials and to improve structural details for a bag that could withstand rigors of frequent travel. 

In Fall 2016 this upgraded toiletry bag was relaunched as the Diamond Jetsetter Pouch in three colors: Onyx (Black), Pink Sapphire (Hot Pink) and Smoky Quartz (Dark Brown). 

The Expansion

During trips to test our Black Jetsetter Pouch, we realized that we could use a bigger toiletry bag for our other travel necessities and a packing cube to create a more organized suitcase during our trips. With that in mind, we designed a versatile bag to hold travel must-haves and everyday essentials. 

The Diamond Jetsetter Case launched in Fall 2016.